One of the best hair restoration doctors in Los Angeles can be found at Regen LA in Redondo Beach. His name is Dr. Ronald Chao and we’re very proud to have such a renowned hair restoration doctor at our clinic. He’s a true asset to both our patients and to Regen LA. But why is Dr. Chao considered to be one of the best hair restoration doctors in LA? Find out below.

An Experienced Hair Restoration Doctor

Ronald Philip Chao, MD is a board-certified hair transplant surgeon who was educated and trained at a variety of prestigious schools and institutions. Some of these including Yale, Cornell, and the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Chao has authored numerous textbook chapters and peer-reviewed medical journal articles in the areas of cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. Ronald Philip Chao, MD also has done numerous seminars and media appearances on hair transplants and hair restoration procedures.

Dr. Chao is a hair transplant physician who takes a person-centered approach to deliver optimal healthcare to all of his patients. He believes there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to hair restoration. In other words, a patient’s unique symptoms, genetics, and environmental factors should be considered when treating each respective patient.

What it Takes to be One of the Best Hair Restoration Doctors in LA

Dr. Ronald P. Chao still believes in the importance of knowing and connecting with his patients. Our philosophy at Regen LA is “quality over quantity” and we always ensure that you’re treated like a patient and not a commodity. However, this view of medicine is not the norm these days.

As you’ve likely seen at other practices, many physicians have over-focused the medical process. Consequently, they spend little time, if any, with their patients. As a result, the doctor-patient relationship suffers substantially. This is not how we do things at Regen LA and this is why we work with Dr. Chao; one of the best hair restoration doctors in Los Angeles.

Dr. Chao strongly believes that he is a patient advocate, and his knowledge of hair transplants and hair restoration shine bright. Ronald P. Chao is very matter-of-fact about which procedures will be best for which patients and his reputation as a trusted and skilled hair transplant doctor holds true. In other words, Regen LA’s Dr. Chao will only perform FUE and FUT transplants if he believes in the results. His recommendations are always in the best interest of the patient and his reputation reflects his frankness, skill, and honesty.

Your Regenerative Medicine Solution

At Regen LA, we offer the best prices on regenerative medicine stem cell procedures. We’re dedicated to saving you money while offering quality cell therapy treatments. If you want to use stem cell treatment for neuropathy and would like to learn more about your options, please reach out to us.

Regen LA treats conditions including autoimmune disease, heart disease, orthopedic disease, antiaging, and more. Additionally, we offer treatment for hair loss. Finally, we utilize stem cells to treat erectile dysfunction.

Only a qualified doctor can help you decide if cell therapy or hair transplants are right for you. To book a FREE consultation with, contact us today.

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