Combatting the FUE Overharvesting Crisis

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Hair Restoration

Follicular Unit Extraction, aka Follicular Unit Excision, is a valuable hair transplant procedure useful for a variety of circumstances. As we’ve noted in articles such as “Pros and Cons of FUE Transplants” and “Why FUE Needs to Be Redefined for Patients”, FUE and FUT both have their place in the hair restoration industry. However, many individuals do not realize that FUE is not a better procedure than FUT for every patient every time. In fact, the frequency of inexperienced doctors practicing hair transplantation has led to FUE overharvesting in many cases.

Many hair transplant doctors and clinics have created this misconception as a marketing ploy to oversell FUE for many reasons. They may claim that FUE is an easier procedure. This may be true for hair restoration clinics without professionally-trained surgeons. Additionally, FUE is a more expensive procedure for the patient. Therefore, it is a more profitable procedure for the doctor. In other words, FUE is frequently pushed in the transplant industry because clinics can perform procedures without qualified doctors. Then, they’re able to charge excessive rates and make more money on both ends.

What is FUE Overharvesting

All of these reasons mount cases for why patients should be wary of jumping into an FUE procedure. However, there is an even greater potential risk for patients who get an FUE procedure performed – overharvesting.

As FUE gains popularity, the team at Regen LA has seen an increase in the number of corrective procedures requested by former patients of aggressive doctors. Frequently, patients are suffering from the condition of overharvesting. We are also seeing an increase in the number of patients switching back to FUT. This is because they now see it as the best option for maximum density results.

Overharvesting occurs when aggressive FUE procedures are performed either once incorrectly, or multiple times excessively. This can result in visible thin patches of hair in the donor area or worse, such as almost complete donor alopecia. Visible scarring is another potential side effect.

FUT should be recommended in cases where another FUE procedure would result in similar problems caused by overharvesting. For a moment, imagine that you’re a farmer. What would happen if you kept excessively picking in the same areas over and over again? Eventually, nothing would grow in that spot and you would find holes in your plot.

Why is FUE Overharvesting so Common?

Overharvesting essentially means pulling too many grafts. At a higher graft cost, that equates to a larger cost for the patient than a standard FUT procedure. In the end, the patient pays more money for a procedure that doesn’t actually work to their benefit.

Unfortunately, that’s the best-case scenario working with such a pushy clinic. You’re spending more money than you should on a procedure that won’t get you the results you’re looking for. The worst-case scenario is a failed procedure altogether. In other words, you’re out the time and money. Finally, your confidence may be even worse following the procedure if it was done for cosmetic reasons.

At Regen LA, you have our guarantee that we will take the time to give you an honest hair transplant consultation. Our professional Los Angeles hair restoration doctor will review options for both FUE and FUT procedures. He will help you choose the procedure that is right for you.

The Solution to FUE Overharvesting

In the case of overharvesting, another FUE procedure is rarely ever the correct course of action. Unless a hair transplant doctor completely botched the procedure, generally the best option is to switch to an FUT procedure. In some cases, SMP, or scalp micropigmentation may be an additional option.

We frequently see patients from other practices who haven’t learned from their first experience. Frequently, they are misled by the same doctor to do another procedure or another untrustworthy doctor in the industry. Our staff at Regen LA is never pushy about selling any hair transplant procedure. We understand that hair restoration is a big decision. You deserve special attention and an accurate assessment of your condition. This is what we provide to all our FUT, FUE, and laser hair restoration patients.

We are just as committed to performing a quality procedure as you are to be receiving one. There is a responsibility on both sides before, during, and after the procedure to ensure a successful transplant. Reference our fabulous reputation on our Google and Yelp review pages.

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