Laser Cap Me – High vs. Low-Density Lasers

by | Sep 1, 2018 | Hair Restoration

Laser Cap Me, a division of Regen LA would like to teach you about low-density and high-density lasers. Hopefully, you’ll learn about laser light therapy and come away with some valuable info. With this information, you should be able to make an informed decision about which form of laser hair restoration will be best for you.

High vs. Low – Which Laser Tech is the Best?

Some laser hair restoration products offer either high or low-density lasers. Usually, the higher the density, the better the results. However, with a higher density laser often comes more cumbersome equipment. You might imagine that the higher the density of a laser, the more expensive it would be. This can be true. However, you also have to take into account the lack of portability of many of these devices.

Many companies touting their device’s ability to generate real hair growth or thickening of the hair follicles are offering products with lower density lasers. Additionally, they may still be difficult to transport or use conveniently.

Alternatively, devices like the Original Laser Cap Pro and other Capillus laser devices offered by Laser Cap Me utilize high-density laser technology that you can carry with you. This is because laser cap devices are just that… caps that sit on your head! Additionally, they’re so small you can use them discretely underneath a baseball hat!

Comparisons with Laser Cap Me

There are many other things worth comparing when it comes to the high-density lasers offered by our laser cap devices and other products such as laser combs and in-office domes. View this video about Low Level Laser Light Therapy for more detailed info.

Laser Combs

Laser combs are low-density hair restoration devices that require use 3 times per week for 15 minutes each use.

The devices are considered low density because, while the power per laser is 5mW, compared to Laser Cap’s approximately equal 5mW power, laser combs only use 9 lasers compared to the over 200 lasers utilized by Laser Cap devices such as the Capillus 272 Laser Device, which boasts 272 lasers. Even the Original Laser Cap Pro uses 224 lasers which still trumps the laser comb.

The power output of the laser comb is substantially less due to the lower number of lasers. The laser comb outputs 45mW to the Capillus 272 Laser Device’s approximate 1360mW. FDA clearance varies, whereas laser cap devices provided by Regen LA and Laser Cap Me are 510(k) FDA cleared. Warranty periods are only 5 months compared to 3 years with a laser cap device.

In-Office Domes

In-office domes fair even worse in comparison to laser cap devices. To start, an in-office dome treatment can only be performed, well, in-office. This means absolutely no convenience of at home or on the go treatment. You must travel to an office where one can be performed 3 times per week.

While the number of lasers is higher than a laser comb, the milliwatts are the same as laser combs. In other words, the total output of 410mW is still far less power than any of the laser cap devices. This is especially true of the Capillus 272 Laser Device. At 1360mW with the 272 laser device, in-office domes offer less than a 3rd of the power output.


iGrow is a combination laser and LED laser hair growth device. iGrow only offers 21 lasers. Another 30 LED lights are used, but LED is virtually ineffective in hair restoration. With fewer lasers, iGrow puts out far less power and struggles with the same setbacks and more as the other devices mentioned that are not laser cap devices.


While Theradome uses approximately 80 lasers, none of which are LED, this is still far less than the Capillus 272 Laser Device or even the Original Laser Cap Pro. As such, the power output and effectiveness is greatly reduced, meaning you get far less bang for your buck.

Laser Cap Me is the Best Choice

When it comes down to effective use of Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT), the only choice for you and your scalp is a laser cap device from Laser Cap Me! We guarantee authentic laser cap devices and the ability to offer better pricing than the competition. Call us today for a free consultation to see if a laser cap device is right for you and a future of fuller, thicker hair!

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