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Through our partnership with award-winning hair transplant and regenerative medicine specialists in the Los Angeles area, Regen LA is a change agent in the hair transplant, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and regenerative therapy industries.

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Dr. McCoy Lee Moretz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Regenerative Medicine Expert

Dr. McCoy Lee Moretz, (Dr. Mac), is one of Los Angeles’ leading regenerative medicine and regenerative therapy experts. A board-certified surgeon with over 31 years of experience, Dr. Moretz is a known and heavily sought after doctor in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas. He has treated a large number of patients from the film, television, fashion and entertainment industries.

Ronald P. Chao, MD

Plastic Surgeon & Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon

Ronald Philip Chao, MD is a board-certified hair transplant surgeon who was educated and trained at prestigious institutions, including Yale, Cornell and the University of California at Berkeley. He has authored numerous textbook chapters and peer-reviewed medical journal articles in the areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. Ronald Philip Chao, MD also has done numerous seminars and media appearances.


From hair transplants to regenerative therapy and laser hair restoration to PRP, Regen LA is your regenerative medicine expert in Los Angeles!

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Regenerative Medicine Experts & Cell Therapy

Cell MD specializes in treatments of up to 30 million umbilical cord blood cells (including MSCs) for hair loss, orthopedic disease, neuropathy and more. Experience this revolution in regenerative medicine!

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FUT & FUE Hair Transplants

Voted 10 Best Plastic Surgeons in California and Top Hair Transplant Surgeon in LA, Best Hair Transplant is a multi-award-winning clinic. Ask about laser hair restoration with the “Capillus 312” laser hair system!

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PRP & Regenerative Therapy for Hair Loss

Umbilical cord blood cell therapy (with MSCs) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contain growth factors. By combining both treatments, non-invasive treatment of hair loss is now possible and affordable.

“Regen LA is an Angelino Media company. We are proud of all our award-winning and five-star reviewed doctors and practices, including Best Hair Transplant & Cell MD. Please contact us today to see how Regen LA is a change agent in the regenerative medicine industry.”

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