FUT or FUE? Which Hair Transplant is Right for Me?

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Hair Restoration

FUE is a specialized, more expensive hair transplant procedure when compared to its FUT counterpart. Normally, you wouldn’t assume a hair transplant clinic would try to change a patient’s mind, who thinks they need an FUE procedure, to a lower-priced alternative. However, we do them here at Regen LA all the time. The reason is that FUE, while usually the more popular option due to many misconceptions about FUE procedures, is not always the best procedure for our patients.


FUE may be preferred in certain situations mentioned in our FUE pros and cons blog. However, it can be challenging when patients who are clearly better candidates for FUT come into our office set on an FUE procedure. This is why we are happy to report that more and more patients are coming in demanding a quality FUT procedure performed by our amazing team.

While we still get plenty of FUE requests, we have noticed that patients are coming in having done research of their own. Frequently, they educated themselves on the true differences between FUT or FUE procedures. As such, our patients are much more often requesting procedures that truly match their needs.

A quick set of basic rules regarding FUT vs FUE procedures:

  • FUT is less expensive than FUE and has a more cost-effective graft yield.
  • FUE is a specialized procedure. However, you don’t have to be a skilled surgeon to perform an FUE procedure. Of course, FUE procedures at Regen LA are performed by one.
  • Patients who need FUE may wear their hair too short to hide the FUT scar.
  • Patients may have already had enough FUTs that their scalp no longer has the elasticity for another.
  • If you’re concerned about the FUT scar, take a look at the linked page to see how scars actually look after healing.

How Close is Regen LA?

Our regenerative medicine clinic is conveniently located in Redondo Beach. We chose this location because it is centrally located and easy to get to from anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Below, you’ll find the estimated timeframes it will take to get to our clinic from some of the surrounding areas in LA.

  • Long Beach, CA – 30 minutes
  • Hermosa Beach, CA – 15 minutes
  • Torrance, CA – 10 minutes
  • Rancho Palos Verdes, CA – 20 minutes
  • El Segundo, CA – 25 minutes
  • Lawndale, CA – 20 minutes

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